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FX Launcher is a groundbreaking training platform designed for aspiring VFX artists seeking to catapult their skills and careers to new heights.

More than just an online academy, it’s a transformative space where seasoned industry experts lead the way. Through a dynamic mix of live classes, pre-recorded videos, immersive workshops, and personalized mentorships, FX Launcher provides a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

It’s the launchpad for unlocking your full creative potential and mastering the art of visual effects under the guidance of professionals who have made their mark in the industry. Join us on a journey where innovation meets education, and dreams take flight into the mesmerizing world of VFX.

About Us

What Awaits You at

FX Launcher?

Expert-Driven Content:

Our courses are meticulously curated and taught by industry experts, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge in the field of visual effects.

Comprehensive Learning:

Whether you’re just starting your VFX adventure or looking to enhance your existing skills, FX Launcher offers a range of courses catering to all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Personalized Feedback:

Our experienced instructors will provide valuable feedback on your work, helping you refine your skills and reach your full potential.

Continuous Growth:

VFX is a dynamic field, and at FX Launcher, you can always access updated content to stay ahead of the ever-evolving industry.

Our Programs

Your VFX Success Awaits!

VFX Training Crafted by Industry Maestros

Our courses are not just led by instructors; they are curated and delivered by highly experienced professionals who have left an indelible mark on the world of visual effects. Learn the artistry of VFX from those who have mastered it in the field.

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Our Mentors

Calling All VFX Titans

Are you a seasoned VFX professional with an impressive IMDb, a rich portfolio of outstanding work, and at least 7-8 years of hands-on experience in the heart of Hollywood’s film and television industry?

We invite you to join our team as a Mentor at FX Launcher. As a mentor, you’ll have the unique opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge and expertise with the next generation of VFX artists and enthusiasts.

Your real-world experience working on major Hollywood movies and TV shows will inspire and guide our eager learners, helping them grow and excel in their VFX journey.

Your mentorship will be instrumental in shaping the future of the industry. Join us and make a difference while further enhancing your legacy in the world of visual effects.

Become A Mentor